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Are you looking for a professional and reputable windshield repair service because a rock chip cracked it? Maybe you want to replace it? Either way, Fair Price Auto Glass is the company you should choose for the job. We are conveniently based in Capitol Heights, MD.

Our Services

Windshield Repair

Windshield Repair
It has been demonstrated that rock chips and tiny cracks in windshields can be repaired in 90 percent of cases. Many people are irritated by the visibility barrier and blockage in their vehicle's windscreen. Because replacing is more expensive than windshield rock chip repair, most people opt for windshield replacement rather than windshield rock chip repair. Modern windshield service techniques enable car owners to remove the visible obstruction while also assisting in the containment of a crack chip, ensuring that it does not develop into a large or major fracture in their windshields.

Windshield Replacement

Windshield Replacement
However little a crack in your glass may appear to be, you are putting your life and the lives of other passengers in danger by driving with a cracked windscreen. For example: if your windshield has extensive damage or crack in it, you will be unable to see the road ahead well, increasing the likelihood of getting involved in an accident. The worst-case scenario is if your windshield cracks while you're driving because even the slightest vibration might cause the car glass to break. Compared to other companies in the business, our windshield replacement services are unparalleled.

Auto Glass Repair

Auto Glass Repair
When you see a crack in your windshield, the first thing you should do is drive to an auto glass repair service so that they can assess the damage and recommend a remedy. Because of the reduced visibility generated by the crack, driving with damaged vehicle glass increases the likelihood of your windshield shattering or being involved in an accident while on the road. It is not possible to fix a chip or fracture by ignoring it; rather, the condition will worsen with time, prompting the necessity for a professional car glass service.

The Benefits

The presence of a single crack in your windshield may appear inconsequential, especially if it is located in an area where your visibility of the road is not impaired. Keep in mind that your windshield may be entirely shattered in the event of a crash. If you have a windshield, the wind, direct sunshine, and other weather variations can combine to seriously degrade the structural integrity of the glass. Fractures can propagate and link with other cracks, and the combination of wind, direct sunshine, and other weather variations can cause significant structural damage to your windshield. This may be avoided with the assistance of a car windshield service, and your safety will not be threatened as a result. It’s also a good option for people who find long-distance travel difficult because of the large machinery and equipment being transported by automobiles. Reach out to us for a car windshield repair service & more!

How We Work

For each job, we use only high-quality materials, supplies, and precision to provide our clients with reliable auto glass repair services. Our experts make certain that each client is happy with the services we provide.

Our Other Areas Served

Now that you know more about what we do, how we work, and why using our car windshield replacement services is something you should consider, we want to point out that we also serve the following locations:

Marlboro Village, MD

Bowie, MD

Are you looking for a professional windshield replacement service in Capitol Heights, MD? Fair Price Auto Glass is the company that you should choose for the job. Contact us today!

Client’s Testimonial

by Doyle W. on Fair Price Auto Glass

They were extraordinary. I contacted them for a reliable windshield replacement service and I am amazed by their expertise. The technicians performed admirably, and I will keep your number Many thanks!

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